Tuesday, November 30, 2004


On Mondays, a group of my friends meet for lunch. It's at a pizza place in Redmond where we usually sit and talk about somebody's new tech toy, or car, or house, or kid.

Eric is the official coordinator, and it usually draws in about five or six people. Most as of late are former coworkers. But one is a new guy, Joe. Joe is a nice enough guy, he had worked with Eric at Microsoft, and is now rejoining the former trident team at Google.

So in the course of conversation, we were ribbing Joe about showing up next to Adam Bosworth in all of the gBrowser stories. Not Adam and Rod,
David, or Gary. But Adam and Joe. Joe found it funny too, but speculated that it was because he was one of the early bloggers, which has created for him somewhat of a cult following. (Note to Rod, David, and Gary: See what happens when you stop blogging? The press turns on you.)

He was citing web volume statistics, which were astounding. Zillions of bytes a day. Most of which is due to RSS agregators that read his feed on an hourly basis to see if anything has changed. Wow.

Anyway, it got me to wondering what would I have to write about to get people to pull my RSS on an hourly basis? Whatever it is, I'd better get on it.