Friday, July 29, 2005

One less key on my key ring.

Friday July 29th was my last day at my job. Being the first time I've ever been "laid off" or gotten a severance package, I see it as a grand new experience. Thinking back I'd guess I've been through seven or eight lay offs, and was never the winner of the severance lottery. All of the rest of the lay offs were the kind where we had too many employees, and needed to get rid of some, so I never had much control over the outcome of who won and who lost the severance package lottery.

With this lay off being an office relocation, I actually had some input on staying or going. In this case I chose staying -- in Seattle, and leaving the company. I am very happy with my decision. I'll take the rest of the summer off, and go back to looking for a job sometime after Labor Day.

So I turned in the key to my office, leaving me with one less key on my key ring. And my pockets and my step a little bit lighter.