Friday, September 15, 2006

Replacing the Ford F-250 Super Duty Side Mirrors.

I was picking up my son the other day when my neighbor called. She said that my truck rolled down the hill by itself and backed into some brush next to her driveway.

IMG_1532When I got there, the truck was embedded firmly into the brush, still locked up. Oddly the drivers-side mirror was folded against the side of the truck. After a brief inspection, I unlocked the truck and drove it back to it's parking space.

IMG_1555Shortly after, I found the culprit -- the end had come off the parking brake cable where it attaches to the pedal. By the way, the Department of Transportation keeps track of such events. If you have a brake failure of any sort, you should report it.

The sudden stop is what caused the mirror to fold up, and in the jolt, a small IMG_1554 clip broke. It looks like about 15 cents worth of plastic -- but I'd been willing to pay a couple bucks for it. But you cannot buy just the clip, you must buy the whole $235.00 mirror assembly. I tried junk yards, but none locally had one.

So here is how to replace a mirror.

  1. IMG_1552IMG_1553Get out your tools. I used a flat head screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a 1/4 inch drive ratchet, socket driver, extention, and sockets sized 7/32, 9/32, and 7/16.

  2. Roll down the window.

  3. IMG_1551Remove mirror nut cover. This is just pressed into place. Grasp firmly and pull it straight out from the window. Set the cover off to the side.

  4. Remove grommets and cut openings in the adhesive padding.

  5. IMG_1549IMG_1550Remove the Switch panel from the armrest. Grasp near the front and pry it up and back. There is a tab on the back that catches under the rest of the armrest. Disconnect the wiring junctions from the switch panel. Set the panel off to the side.

  6. IMG_1547IMG_1548Pry the reflector off of the lower corner of the door -– I used a flathead screwdriver -- exposing the bolt. Set the reflector off to the side. Remove the 9/32 bolt and set it off to the side.

  7. IMG_1546Remove the 9/32 bolt from the rear of the switch panel opening and set it off to the side.

  8. Grasp the door panel and lift it straight up and off the door. Be careful of the lock tab that pokes out the top to make sure you don'’t get hung up on it. Set the door panel off to the side.

  9. IMG_1542Remove the door speaker. If there is not a quick disconnect for the wiring stick the speaker magnet to the door.

  10. IMG_1539Reach in through the speaker opening and disconnect the mirror power control wires. I found it is easer if I pull it off the mount in the door first.

  11. Remove the four 7/16 nuts holding the mirror on to the door (they are behind the holes you cut and the grommets you removed). If you take them out from the bottom up, the mirror will be supported better until the last one is removed. As you remove the final nut, reach through the open window to support the mirror so it does not fall.

  12. Carefully extract the wiring from the opening in the door.

  13. Set the old mirror aside.

    There are no nuts in the mirror kit, so if you drop the nuts into the door, you will need to do the two steps below to be able to get them out. If you do not, you can skip the next 2 optional steps.

  14. IMG_1541(optional) Loosen the plastic cover on the lower rear of the door by removing the 2 Phillips screws

  15. (optional) CAREFULLY peel the adhesive padding up exposing the openings in the lower portion of the door.

Preparing to reinstall the new mirror.
  1. IMG_1538Install the adapter. Ford decided that using a single type of connector was too simple, so when you install the new mirror, it has a different connector on it than the old one. So you have to start by installing the adapter.

  2. Zip-strip the adapter to the other wires in the door to keep it from falling into the window track.

  3. Reverse the step above.

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