Sunday, January 23, 2005

Talk to me.

Adam hooked me up with Skype. This is a very cool and useful tool. I describe it as Instant messenger (IM) meets Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Previous voice messengers I had tried worked similar to the Yahoo! client. These were push to talk or voice activated simplex transmissions. Plus they would drop portions of a conversation.

But Skype is different. Full duplex, works on my low power laptop over my wireless home network, and onto my Verizon DSL connection (the irony there is not lost on me). My laptop's microphone is too close to the speakers, so I get a audio feedback squeal if I am not using headphones.

I use Skype regularly to talk co-workers also using Skype in India and Japan, sometimes for hours, and -- this is the best part -- for FREE! I love the internet. Call me some time, my user id there is Roger.Weber.

The downside of Skype is that they do need revenue, so if I want to call a regular phone, I have to pay.

Considering Adam works for google I found this article quite fascinating. Is this what google Kirkland is working on? And the article implies that google's VOIP will be free.

I love the internet.

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