Saturday, January 27, 2007

More Funny Dell Stories.

One of the 20 or so Dell computers I support was complaining during startup that some of its memory was not working. If you tried a couple times, the computer would boot and run, but then eventually error out later on a memory read failure. The computer is still under warrantee, so I called Dell.

The support techs put me through the normal memory failure drill.
  • Boot the computer, hitting F12 (boot options) and select diagnostic utilities. Run the memory test. Failure.
  • Unplug the computer, remove the memory, clean the contacts with and eraser, and install the memory. Failure.
  • Remove both memory sticks and swap slots. Failure.
  • Remove just the stick from slot one. Computer Boots and runs fine.
  • Reinstall the memory to slot one and remove the memory from slot two. Failure.
By now we know the memory is bad, and that it is the memory in slot one. The support tech says he will be sending out technician with replacement memory for us. I counter that he can just send the memory, and I’ll install it at a time the system can be taken off line without disrupting the business.

So the support tech says “Are you comfortable installing the memory yourself?”

I laughed out loud and retorted “Um, I just took it out, cleaned, put it back in, swapped it, and removed and reinstalled them one at a time to help you diagnose the problem. You tell me if you think I can install the new ones.”

We both had a good laugh, which concluded with him admitting that he is required to ask.

The next day, I had new memory waiting for me. Dell delivers the fix, and good humor at the same time.
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