Sunday, September 01, 2013

South Dakota vacation -- a quick hop to Nebraska.

On Thursday, Isaac and I were up early and off to the airport.  There was a thin overcast at 1,200 feet in the area, but it was not reported to be extensive, so we took off for a 40 minute flight to Chadron Nebraska.  We stayed below the overcast until we found a hole in the clouds about 10 miles out.  I made a right turning Chandelle to pop up above the clouds, and then contacted Ellsworth Approach for flight following.  The controllers at Ellsworth advised me that Rapid City tower had been attempting to contact me – but I had missed the call.  I wonder if it had to do with being so low? 

We stayed in contact with Ellsworth approach most of the way to Chadron.  There was no airplane traffic as we were arriving so we made a right base entry into the pattern and landed in state number 25 after 41 minutes of flight. 

Isaac and I parked the plane next to a guy who was hand-propping his old Luscomb airplane.  Hand propping is the airplane equivalent of push starting your car.  If you don’t have an electrical starter, you grab one of the propeller blades the give the engine a spin hoping it starts. 

Chadron, Nebraska
There is very little to see around Chadron.  It appears to be a small farming community.  Still we found plenty of activity at the little airport.  While we were there we met a friendly mechanic with a hangar full of planes he was repairing, and at least three airplanes departed.  Soon Isaac and I were on our way back to Rapid City.  Knowing there was an overcast layer, I picked up flight following from Ellsworth approach in anticipation of needing a popup IFR clearance to land.  But as we drew closer, the overcast had been cleared away.  Just 36 minutes to get back.

25 States down, 25 to go.
I have landed a plane in these states
I am half way.
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