Thursday, April 30, 2015

Adding a Windows 8.1 pro client to a domain.

At my home, I run a Windows NT domain for file and print sharing (it's a long story, just accept it as true).  My son just bought himself a Dell Insprion 11-3000 laptop with Win 8.1 pro. (ooh shiny!)

After joining it to the domain, It could not read any file or print shares.  So I googled around to find the answer, but couldn't find an answer that seemed to apply.  A coworker I knew had used a Win 8 on the domain at work, so I pinged him.  His reply?

open powershell as admin.
Set-SmbClientConfiguration -RequireSecuritySignature $true

TADA!  It works.  Wow.  That's pretty arcane.  The fix left me with several questions.  The biggest two are 

  1. What does this do?  Even the online help does not clear anything up.
  2. Why was this not set to begin with on a pro version, intended for use on a domain?
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