Thursday, October 28, 2004

I like Airplanes

One of my options of things to do once I'm out of work is to spend more time with my airplane. I like flying around and going new places, seeing the ground from different heights.

And speaking of planes, I thought it would be fun to have a blog just about my airplane adventures. When google first released gmail I got in before the namespace got polluted (thanks Dave!) and scored aviator. I was pretty jazzed. When I was thinking about doing a aviation related blog, I went for aviator again.

Turns out, somebody already has it. As you can see, it has not been touched in, what, two years! One post two years ago. And then left fallow. Clearly this one is ripe for recycling. I went to blogger help, and ended up posting a question from which I got a link to this answer. Which is essentially, blogs never expire -- try asking the owner, but we won't tell you who the owner is.

I looked for a place to post a comment on the aviator blog in hopes that I could get him or her to respond to me. But there is nothing there. No post a comment, no "about me." No link to "My profile."

What is a guy to do?

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